While the verdict is still out on whether what you eat can increase the risk of getting acne in the first place, there are sufficient studies linking our food choices to a rise in breakouts in those who already have acne.

Top Foods That May Be Causing Your Acne Breakouts

Based on more extensive studies, the following foods appear to affect skin’s natural processes, leading to a rise in the number of blackheads, papules, or other common types of acne you may be currently struggling to keep under control.

High-Glycemic Foods

While carbohydrates are essential to a healthy diet, not all carbs are considered healthy. The glycemic index (GI) is a useful tool for determining how much a particular carbohydrate-heavy food will raise your blood glucose (sugar) levels, which is directly associated to a spike in insulin production. These spikes in blood sugar can cause inflammation in the body.

Foods to Avoid and Foods to Eat Instead: There is a long, long list of foods to which your body may react. For this reason, the best way to determine which foods you should avoid and which foods to eat instead is to test out an elimination diet. An elimination diet works by limiting the number of foods you eat and gradually adding more foods back into your diet while carefully tracking how your body reacts. This way, you’ll be able to discover which food(s) may be contributing to your acne breakouts.

Take Your Acne One Step Further for More Effective Results

While you may be making your acne worse simply based on the types of foods you eat, discovering which food is causing your breakouts can be a long process. Get a little backup help to keep skin clear while you discover a diet that works for you with Venus Versa™ acne treatments.