You’ve just invested in a gorgeous new shade of Aveda hair color at the salon. It’s a work of art, totally customized just for you, and you love it. Here’s what we recommend to help keep your big investment looking fresh and fabulous.

Invest in some protection. To extend the vibrancy of your new color, we recommend Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner.

Wash your hair less frequently. 

Turn down the heat. While a hot shower feels great, it isn’t necessarily so beneficial for your color.

Limit your fun in the sun.

Deep condition. This step is important, and it’s especially pivotal if you’ve lightened your hair. Make a date with a hair masque once a week. Color Conserve Strengthening Treatment helps nourish and strengthen your color-treated hair. If you need deeper repair, look no further than the Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment, which leaves your hair feeling healthy, smooth and strong.

Refresh it with a gloss, hair that lasts through 20 washes. You can add a hint of your shade, add warmth or coolness or opt for a clear gloss.