Swap the complex multi-step skin care regimens and expensive brightening makeup for these simple tips to reveal your healthiest, most radiant complexion yet, so you can finally get your natural glow on!

5 Simple Steps to Glowing, Radiant Skin

1- Prioritize a Little More Shuteye- Beauty sleep is not a myth

2- Get a Facial Massage: There is some merit to those trendy facial rollers and dry brushes—both kinds of gadgets massage the skin’s surface, encouraging blood circulation alongside other benefits

3- Favor a Little More Hyaluronic Acid in Your Skin Care: Naturally occurring in the skin, this acid does the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping skin cells stable

4- Don’t Skip the Toner: In some ways, to your skin, toner may be considered a glass of thirst-quenching water.

5- Opt for a Facial Rejuvenation Treatment for the Ultimate Glow: When cleansers, serums, creams, and massages won’t do, bring in the reinforcements! The end result: an immediately brighter, cleaner, and more revitalized complexion for all skin types.