Tip #1: Diet and Fitness: Body contouring treatments can certainly help to break down fat cells in a targeted area, but your results won’t last if you don’t work to keep it off. It’s necessary to have some fat on the body to keep your energy levels up and skin appearing plump and smooth. To maintain those results, though, it’s essential to consider fat intake and caloric output.

Tip #2: Adequate Skin Care:  Asking your treatment provider for their recommendations on the top skin care products for you to use post-treatment is a good way to get a gauge on what your skin really needs.Of course, anti-aging treatments won’t put off the effects of aging forever. It’s realistic to consider that maintenance treatments may be required to support skin health as it ages.

Tip #3: Sunscreen—Always: To extend the results of your photofacial treatments, make sun protection a regular part of your skin care routine.

Tip #4: Regular Facial Rejuvenation Treatments: Skin is our body’s main line of defense against external factors such as pollutants and UV rays. It has a tough job to do and that often shows in skin health as we age. Medical aesthetics treatments can help to improve texture, reduce discoloration, and boost elasticity, but your results don’t stand a chance of lasting without maintaining skin hydration.