There are a few different treatments that can be explored to reduce the appearance of cellulite, ranging from simple tips for camouflaging to targeting fat cells and strengthening tissue below the skin’s surface. The following are just some benefits of planning ahead so you’re ready when summer finally arrives.

Time to Perfect Your Tanner

Sunless tanner can be an easy way to mask cellulite. Self-tanner can give the impression of a more even skin tone and help to reflect light, offering the appearance of smooth, more toned skin.

More Time to Focus on Healthy Weight Loss

Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to be for the home—it can be for the body, too. Take this time to focus in on establishing a healthy diet and incorporating exercise. Nutrients found in healthy foods can help boost skin health, while exercising can help burn away extra weight that can make cellulite appear much more visible.

Slower Schedules to Allow for Downtime

A Warm Winter Escape and Time to Let Results Develop

For those who are searching for an effective solution but don’t want the long downtime (or the invasive procedure for that matter), radio frequency-based cellulite reduction treatments may be the answer, particularly in addition to regular workouts and a healthy diet—the perfect cellulite-busting trifecta this spring

By starting your cellulite reduction treatment plan now at the start of spring, you give yourself plenty of time for both.