Fundamentally, male and female skin isn’t the same. Of course, attributes can vary by individual, but generally speaking, male skin is naturally thicker than female skin due to hormones . Androgens and testosterone, two hormones that are usually present in higher levels in men, can increase skin thickness by 25% on average compared to females. This helps to maintain skin structure and plumpness while fending off fine lines and cellulite.

More often than females, males tend to make ideal candidates for aesthetic hair removal treatments. Due to higher levels of testosterone, vellus hairs—the thinner, almost invisible hairs—are transformed into terminal hairs—the coarser, darker type—at a higher rate in men than in women. Most often, hair removal treatments work most effectively on these thicker, coarser hairs, as the technology is better able to target and destroy larger hair follicles for permanent hair reduction. If you have a lighter skin tone and darker hair, you’ll benefit from Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal treatments