There’s a seemingly endless number of factors we fend off in the name of gorgeous, glowing skin—from ultraviolet (UV) radiation to stress, makeup, skin care products, and much more, we can also add air pollution to our growing list.

Here’s how air pollution is really affecting your skin, plus what you can do to neutralize its effects and reverse any damage already done.

Effects of Pollution on Skin Health

Skin has a natural protective barrier to defend itself against the daily elements, but it’s certainly not immune to the effects of pollution. While skin may offer a shield against chemicals and particles present in pollution, over time, exposure to such pollutants can lead to a compromised skin barrier if proper skin care and reparation aren’t top of mind daily.

For an even greater boost to skin health and to reverse the effects of damage already done by the concoction of chemicals in air pollution, consider a customized wrinkle reduction treatment plan. Utilizing advanced technology and radio frequency (RF) energy, these treatments deliver energy deep below the skin’s surface where it is converted to heat, spurring skin’s natural collagen production levels to repair and refine skin texture and health.