How To Get A Flawless Bikini Wax

How To Get A Flawless Bikini Wax

Who doesn’t love a smooth bikini area? It takes all the worry out of going to the beach. It also gives your whole intimate area a cleaner more defined look.

Because bikini waxing can be uncomfortable, and for some, embarrassing, we go the extra mile for our clients.

You are draped at all times and we use a disposable G-string to add to your comfort. The G-string actually helps us to do a more precise job. You can show us the line of your swimsuit using the G-string as a guide.

This allows us to further tailor your wax to your needs. Next up is the wax itself. You won’t find this kind of wax in a convenience store. Our wax does not adhere to your skin, only the hair.

That means less discomfort you. And to further reduce discomfort, we apply a pre-oil to soften your skin and reduce irritation.

As seasoned wax professionals, we know that women are more sensitive to pain around the time of their menstrual cycle. That’s why we encourage you to schedule your bikini wax a week before or after your period.

Lastly, you can rest assured that hygiene is a top priority with us. We use only disposable panties and we never, ever double dip wax spatulas!

A few quick minutes in our experienced care and you’re off to enjoy your flawless wax!

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