Do You Love Your Hair Too Much?

Do You Love Your Hair Too Much?

Is your hair is falling flat? Does it lack a natural shine, feel rough or greasy to the touch? If so, it could be you love your hair too much!

Hair that seems like it’s only half alive even after using heated styling tools and volumizing sprays is sending you an S.O.S. signal. “Help! I’m overloaded!”

Hair sprays, mousse, gels, hard water, chlorine and all kinds of stuff build up on your hair over time—even with regular conditioning and shampooing!

That’s why we recommend a clarifying shampoo. This gets rid of product build up. For most people, once or twice a month is ideal.

Colored hair can also use a clarifying shampoo, but carefully. It can cause hair color to fade. So, it’s best to use it no more than once a month. And definitely do not clarify within the first few weeks of fresh color.

So how do you clarify? It’s simple. Just use a nickel or quarter size amount of the product and work into your hair. Massage for about a minute, then rinse. Apply your regular shampoo as normal. You’ll notice your sudsy lather right away.

But If You Are Still Having Problems…
That’s where we can help! We have stronger clarifying treatments that will get your hair soft and manageable immediately.

But opt for the at home treatment first. Chances are you will get just the results you are looking for. Get ready to be amazed.

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