Why Do Women Get Acne During Menopause

Why Do Women Get Acne During Menopause

It’s bad enough to have night sweats, fatigue, and weight gain, but acne? Yes, menopause presents a whole set of challenges, but it’s really unfair to have to contend with acne, too.

But since when is Mother Nature fair? Oddly, menopausal outbreaks stem from the same root cause as your adolescent acne. It’s all about changes in hormone levels. Menopausal acne shows up near the chin, jaw, mouth, chest and back.

Just like in your adolescent years, your sebaceous glands go into over drive, producing excess sebum that can block pores. Because skin cells don’t turn over as quickly, the result is blocked pores, causing blackheads and pustules.

Fortunately, the condition is temporary, but what can you do in the meantime? Certainly get your hormones checked. Bio-identical hormone therapy is an excellent way to balance hormones without the worry of traditional hormone replacement therapy.

Time to re-evaluate your skincare regimen. Your skin has changed, that means your skincare needs to change, too. We can help you there. Talk to us about chemical peels and facials.

We can get you through this beautifully!

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