PLEASE Break These 6 “Hair Care” Rules!

PLEASE Break These 6 “Hair Care” Rules!

Beware! Some well-meaning practices actually reduce product effectiveness, making hair more difficult to work with.

– Applying product to sopping wet hair. This just dilutes the product making it far less effective. A better option is to blow dry your hair until it’s damp, then apply styling products. For short hair, this rule breaker does not apply

– Brushing 100 strokes a day. This does NOT help your hair, quite the opposite. It causes breakage and can activate your oil glands making hair greasier. Do brush your hair but don’t go overboard!

– Hair color damages your hair. Hooey! This may have been true 20 years ago, but today, salon color is loaded with extra conditioners. Want to color your hair? Go for it (Box color is a totally different story!)

– Only thick, dry hair needs deep conditioning. Even fine hair benefits from weekly deep conditioning treatments. The key, like everything, is to get the right formula. Use a protein-based conditioner rather than a moisturizing one to keep fine hair healthy, not weighted down.

– Always use a comb on wet hair. Not so. If you mist your hair with a leave-in conditioner or use a few drops of hair oil to coat the hair shaft, it will allow your brush to slide through easily.

– Blow dry from back to front. Start in the front. This is the area people see first, so it makes sense to start there, plus it reduces potential frizz!

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