As natural products grow in popularity, companies less committed to product potency are riding the wave to make a buck.

These companies will make products appear natural even though they are loaded with preservatives and chemicals. It’s called green washing.

With the new scientific evidence demonstrating the essential inclusion of an antioxidant serum, ingredients such as green tea and vitamin C are added to every imaginable product.

The problem? Not all vitamin C is created equal, which means the product potency isn’t as beneficial.

Vitamin C is tricky to work with because it isn’t stable. Pairing it with vitamin E helps to stabilize this indispensable element, but again, it’s all in how it’s handled.

If vitamin C is exposed to air it can actually increase the formation of free radicals! That’s why antioxidant serums for $7.99 are not only a waste of money; they can actually age your skin!

Our product line is known for its purity and it’s commitment to skin care. You can absolutely be guaranteed of its potency. After all, the results show up on your skin!

Have you noticed how long our products last? That’s just another example of quality and purity.

You will never have to worry about green washing with us. Our highest commitment is to your skin.

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